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The Benefits of Moving Into Assisted Living Early

Moving into an assisted living community is a huge change for seniors. Making the decision to do so means acknowledging that they are aging and require a level of assistance that they didn’t before. These communities are welcoming and provide an environment where seniors can live in their own individual unit with a shared community space and compassionate staff to help them with services such as healthcare, meals, housekeeping, and even transportation.assisted living


Often seniors choose to move into a center for independent living before they make the transition to assisted living, or they stay living on their own for as long as they can. This poses a number of financial, medical, and security issues that could be avoided by moving into the assisted living facility early.


Moving into assisted living before there is a definitive need has many benefits for seniors. Here are some advantages to take into consideration if you are contemplating an early move for yourself or a loved one.




As people age, they become less and less comfortable with the security of their home environment. Knowing that they may be less able to defend themselves and their property than they once were is a large concern.


Moving into an assisted living community that has security and is staffed 24/7 is an advantage for peace of mind that cannot be beat.


Companionship and Community


Loneliness in the senior years is an epidemic. The vast majority of senior citizens find themselves in need of companionship and searching for community that is incredibly difficult to find, and boredom often creeps in. The combination of loneliness, lack of community, and boredom can cause depression.


Moving into an assisted living community early gives seniors a jumpstart on building friendships, joining a community, and having activities to participate in on a daily basis. The shared community of assisted living facilities provides the opportunity for seniors to have companions whenever they would like them, to never have to eat a meal alone and to fill their lives with positivity.


Less Responsibility


The later years of life are ripe with the potential to relax and enjoy the ride. As long as a senior lives independently, they will have a lot of responsibilities to attend to, such as housework, gardening, getting gas, home repairs, and more.


Moving into assisted living eliminates much of the responsibilities of independent living, creating a more relaxing and enjoyable life.


Less Stress


Moving is difficult at any stage of life, and a senior moving into assisted living is no exception. If you or your family member waits until it is imperative to move, the move will be overshadowed with stress. If, however, you take your time and move when you choose, instead of when you must, it is a much more relaxed experience.




Driving becomes more difficult and burdensome with age. Driving oneself to the grocery store, a farmer’s market, church, or other events and locations, can be a hassle. Some seniors are unable to drive themselves at all.


In many assisted living communities, residents are offered transportation in order to get them where they need to go. This is a huge benefit and offers greater freedom than they would have had if living outside of the facility.


No Longer Feel Like a Burden


Living independently causes some seniors to feel as though they are a burden on their loved ones. They occasionally need assistance with something, call for help, sometimes even seek a ride somewhere.


Moving to an assisted living community removes the feeling of being a burden. Seniors have the help of on-site staff and are able to call their loved ones for a visit instead of for help.




Living in an assisted living community makes it much simpler for seniors to live a healthy lifestyle. Instead of having to focus on their medical needs, their specific dietary needs, and finding ways to exercise, their needs are met by the compassionate, trained staff of the community. Many assisted living facilities have exercise rooms, making it easy for seniors to get and stay fit.




Without someone there to encourage seniors to cook healthy meals that follow their specific dietary restrictions, independent living seniors often choose to eat junk or not eat at all.

Assisted living makes healthy eating simple. All meals are cooked by kitchen staff and residents can even choose the appropriate meal plan for their needs.


Overall Freedom


Lastly, the sooner a senior moves to an assisted living facility, the sooner they can relax and live a life of freedom. They no longer have the burdens that independent living brings, and instead can spend their days with friends, pursuing hobbies, and enjoying the golden years of life.