Laurel Parc's COVID-19 Response

To all residents, families, staff, and friends of Laurel Parc;


First, we want you to know that throughout these uncertain times of COVID-19, we have kept our commitment to the health and safety of our residents and staff. This has always been our utmost priority, and one we are proud to have maintained. 


We are incredibly proud of our Laurel Parc team. From early on, our staff quickly and aggressively implemented new policies as COVID-19 became a reality for the country and the new normal for our community at Laurel Parc. We strongly believe that our proactive decision-making has kept everyone connected with our community safe and healthy.


We first started implementing health and safety measures the week of March 9th. Below are the practices and preparedness protocols that we currently have in place to keep our community safe and healthy:


Laurel Parc is following all state requirements on visitor restrictions and screenings.

All non-essential visitors are not allowed to enter the community.

Essential Visitors (including Laurel Parc staff) are undergoing health screenings with temperature checks every time they enter the community.


All staff must currently wear cloth face masks as per CDC recommendations. If we were to find a positive case at Laurel Parc, staff would follow the CDC recommendations and wear N95 masks.

All employees are being regularly screened for symptoms.

We are currently following the CDC recommendation on employees returning to work after a reported illness- including staying home for a minimum of 72 hours after last-known symptoms.

All staff have been trained in proper hand washing and how to properly wear Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).

We have created ‘staffing zones’ for Assisted Living and Memory Care. Each zone has a caregiver and medication assistant assigned to a specific group of apartments. The assigned staff only cares for those apartments and each shift continues to care for their zone. This practice ensures that any potential infection is limited and protected from active, unmonitored spread.


Assisted Living and Memory Care residents are at the highest risk for exposure, so we record vitals and temperatures daily. Temperatures greater than 100.5 are immediately reported for follow-up.

Our staff has been trained to observe and report any other signs of COVID-19 such as coughing or difficulty breathing.

All residents returning from the hospital after being admitted are required to have approval from the Oregon State Community-Based Care Department. Once a resident’s condition has been screened, the state provides approval of their return.

Activities & Dining

All communal activities have been canceled, including non-essential transportation outside of the community.

Transportation continues for doctor appointments.

As of March 14th, Laurel Parc has closed the dining rooms and canceled communal dining. Residents now place orders daily and all meals are safely delivered to each apartment.

Meals are served on disposable dishware and disposed of in the apartment to ensure dishes do not return to the kitchen.

Serving staff are assigned zones to limit exposure.

Facilities Cleaning & Sanitation

Facility hygiene and cleanliness are already a top priority, but we have added extra measures to disinfect all building common areas every two hours.

During this time, we are still conducting virtual tours and facilitating SAFE, responsible move-ins to our building. Our staff is always available to answer any questions about amenities, day-to-day operations that have adjusted for safety, and room availability.  


We will continue to monitor the situation as we learn new rules, regulations, and information about the virus almost daily. We are committed to working diligently to coordinate our efforts with both state and national regulations. 


Thank you for all you do to support our truly amazing community.


In good health and spirit, 

Laurel Parc Senior Living